Welcome to my blog about money and blogging

Welcome to my blog where i plan to tell you (without boring the life out of you) all about it and why I started it.

Welcome to my blog


But don’t worry i won’t bore the life out of you and send you all fast asleep after hearing about so many wild and wonderful stories about me and my mad life.

Although, i will share my reasons for building this blog about wealth creation and helping you build blogs into great money making machines so you can like me, eventually retire in style.

Believe me, not all online journeys are full of great stories especially not my one due to all the scams been pulled on me and got sucked into so much crappy programs and probably when i first starting out in this online world of money and pipe dreams i lost more than i gained.

It was pretty awful back in the day. Yet i’m sure i wasn’t the only one as life was pretty tough for us online hustlers back in 2008 but we still hustled on and never quit.

the ultimate side hustle in 2023

Blogging, Side Hustles, Investing...Welcome to my blog

I have blogged my ass off since 2008, and in that time boy has the Internet changed over the years. Google got stricter with their bunch of hideos SEO updates every year. It sucked but no matter what was thrown at me, i still persevered and somehow attracted side hustles.

For me, doing so many side hustles has done so much for me. whether it be helping to pay my bills, or even pay for my holidays to my favourite Spanish island Ibiza. Side Hustles paid off.

Don’t get me wrong some of them do go pear-shaped and end up on the scrap heap but if you find the right ones they can provide a tidy second income or even third or fourth.

Welcome to my blog

If You Want Financial Freedom, Welcome to my blog

Everyone is chasing financial freedom even if they don’t actually realise it and so many people don’t know a great deal about side hustles or how to create a blog so this is where i come in.

My finance and blogging topics will cover every side hustle you can possibly fathom and then some and as for building a blog, i will help get you started there too as i have tons of experience.

So buckle up, my mission with this blog is to get you making money and enjoying financial freedom because if you turn your decisions into actions from this point on who knows where it will take you? Hopefully, it will help you pay a bill or two.

Enjoy the ride! coz it’s going to be a long and prosperous journey.

Darren Protheroe (2022)

Final Bit...

I have over 170+ Side Hustle ideas waiting to launch on this blog and boy i can’t wait to share them all with you with proven money spinners that have even worked for me in the past.

Most of the side hustles i share with you have been tried and tested by me and i cover all bases so you know what to expec. Plus, i will warn you about the scams and dodgy side hustles that you want to keep well away from unless you want to be left high n’ dry as they say.

If you stay loyal with me, i promise to bring to you all the best side hustles and best money making/saving tips that will keep you and your bank manager happy indeed.

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