The Hustlers University Full Review: Scam or Not? [2022]

Want to find out all about whether The Hustlers University Full Review: Scam or Not? is a total and utter scam run by the Tate brothers aka Andrew and Tristan from their HQ in Romania?

You will be shocked by what I find about The Hustlers University. It’s truly mind-blowing and downright criminal.

So Who Is Andrew Tate?

Emory Andrew Tate III A.K.A Andrew Tate (born December 14, 1986) is an American-British Internet personality and former professional kickboxer. 

Tate was born on December 14, 1986, in Washington, D.C. He grew up in Goshen, Indiana, and Chicago, later moving to Luton, England as a child.

His African-American father, Emory Tate, was a chess International Master. His mother worked as a catering assistant. He is mixed-race. Tate learned to play chess at the age of five and competed in adult tournaments as a child.



In 2005, Tate started practicing boxing and martial arts. In November 2008, Tate was ranked the 7th best light-heavyweight kickboxer in Britain by the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA). 

In 2009, while employed in selling television advertising, he won the British ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in Derby, England, and was ranked number one in his division in Europe.

Though he had won 17 of his 19 fights, he said it was his first belt and title.

In 2011, Tate won his first ISKA world title in a rematch against Jean-Luc Benoit via knockout, having previously lost to Benoit by decision. 

In December 2012, Tate lost the Enfusion championship tournament to Franci Grajš. Before his loss, he had won his previous 18 fights, all by knockout, and was ranked second-best light-heavyweight kickboxer in the world.

In 2013, Tate won his second ISKA world title in a 12-round match against Vincent Petitjean, making him the world champion in two different weight divisions. He has since retired from combat sports.

Big Brother and online ventures

In 2016, while a guest on the seventeenth season of Big Brother, Tate came under scrutiny for his homophobic and racist comments on Twitter.

After the release of a video in which Tate appeared to beat a woman with a belt, Tate was removed from the show after only six days of participation. 

Both Tate and the woman said that they were friends and that the actions in the video were consensual.

The Hustlers University Full Review: Scam or Not?
Tate boxing in 2014

Tate’s website offers training courses on accumulating wealth and “male-female interactions”.

According to the website, he also operated a webcam studio using girlfriends as employees.

Tate and his brother started the webcam business, employing as many as 75 webcam models to sell “fake sob stories” to male callers, claiming to have made millions of dollars doing so. Tate stated that the business model is a “total scam”.

The clown then went on to start what we all have come to know as Hustlers University which I will do my best to dissect in every way possible so you can get a clear picture of things.

Because believe me when I tell you, these THINGS just seem very dodgy and just do not add up. In actual fact, they smell very fishy indeed so brace yourselves. 

Read what others are saying about it on Reddit below. People are slowly waking up to this huge fraud that is taking place right in front of our eyes. Are you too blind to see it?

The Hustlers University Full Review: Scam or Not?

So What Is Hustlers University? [BREAKDOWN]

In this The Hustlers University Full Review: Scam or Not? [2022] the full guide, you will get to understand what type of Ponzi scheme the Tate brothers are currently pulling on everyone.

Hustlers University is a subscription-based course where you are given access to a few ways to make money online and full access to the Discord server where fellow VICTIMS of this huge ponzi scam get to meet with other like-minded victims to share all sorts of money-related crap. All for just a whopping £50 per month. WTF?

Seriously guys, these pair of criminally minded brothers called Andrew and Tristan are earning anywhere between 5-10 million per month off of weak-minded folk who idolize them like they are gods but they are nothing but a pair of scammers who just want to empty your wallets.

At first i thought i was going to like what i found but after reviewing over 12 hours of their bullshit lessons i found myself falling asleep and losing concentration on listening to CRAP.

Hustlers University is just one big scam. Period. WHY?

All it is really is a Ponzi scheme surrounded by a few ways to make money online which you can find for free online mixed with some hard truths and the same old rubbish sales spiel.

I mean, all you get for your monthly subscription is just the same old shit information that anyone can package up and turn into a biz. I mean come on FFS, why would anyone fall for it?

Apparently, over 100k total idiots fall for this scam every month and I bet you over 50% of these same clowns haven’t made any money back from their investment in this nonsense course.

I wouldn’t even call it a course. It’s just ONE BIG SCAM and you have all fallen for Andrews’s charm or want to aspire to be like him. Beats me why coz all I see is one big-mouthed fool.

Tony’s Cash Bot Scam BUSTER

How Much Would You Rate The Hustlers University?

Hmmm a big fat ZERO

Here is why I would give this pile of twonk such a low score. 

  1. It Has Ponzi Attributes
  2. Information is old and outdated
  3. The cost of the course is questionable
  4. All money funds the Tate criminal enterprise
  5. Both Tate Brothers Act Like Asses and Frauds
  6. The lessons are SHORT and created unprofessionally
  7. You can learn MORE on this blog
  8. Waste of money for what you get 

Trust me when I say that you will LEARN and EARN more by subscribing to this blog for free than by signing up for his baloney Hustlers University course.


Thanks everyone for reading the The Hustlers University Full Review: Scam or Not?

Now just ask yourself this (if you are thinking of ignoring my honest review), if the Hustlers University is so fucking good, why charge you every month for the same old crap every month? Come on guys WAKE UP…they just want your money period.

The Hustlers University is designed like a Ponzi scheme to rope you all in with this macho bull shit mental attitude and fearless mindset which you can get for free without hurting women.

Only a fool would invest in this garbage if they were desperate to earn money and I got no time or respect for anyone who wishes to be like Andrew Tate and live by his code of nonsense.

Stay clear of Andrew Tate! He is just poison and only talks pure rubbish and his course sucks in every way possible. I mean, the only hustle going on is that he is fleecing you. BIG TIME.

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