Here is a full list of online scams that you need to be made aware of from past and present day online scams. Let’s stay one step ahead of them all!

Have you been a victims of an online scam lately? If so I will do all in my power to use my blog to expose the scam and the scammers running these scams.

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Be Aware Of ALL Scams, It Can Wreck Your Life

No matter where you look online, scams will always be around you. You just need to know how to avoid being a victim like so many people who work and shop online in 2022. Scams suck!

Sadly, like many of you, I was a victim of a Canadian scammer called Drew Burton (Andrew Burton) who ran several rev share websites a few years back and decided to rob us all.

You can find my scam buster blog below here:

where I detail everything about this evil little man and his disgusting little scam that cleared out so many innocent people’s bank accounts.

As a result of being a victim of online scams, I detest them big time so I want to have a dedicated page on this blog to expose so many of them right here so you don’t fall victim next.


  • Rev Share Websites

Rev share websites such as Traffic Monsoon are just plain old ponzi scams where they get you to refer a ton of people only to be left high and dry at the end of it all. 

  • Nigerian Email Scams

Ever had an email from the owner of a bank in Nigeria? Yeah me too, but sometimes these emails can con people out of thousands of dollars. Stay clear of any emails that demand or ask for cash or gift voucher codes. Most probably a scam if it sounds too good to be true. Question everything online.

  •  Dating Scams

Have you ever been duped by scammers on a dating website? well, most women have by fraudsters claiming to be millionaires or the opposite of the truth. All they plan to do is steal your money no matter how many fake illnesses they claim the family has in order to extract more money out of unassuming victims. Stay clear of anyone on any dating site asking for any money.

  • SMS DWP Text Scams

Now if you are on a low income you will be receiving your 2nd cost-of-living payment of £300 odd pounds soon so this is the best time for scammers to start sending out lots of SMS scam texts on a scale like you wouldn’t fathom in the hope of fleecing every last one of you if they get the chance.


  • Crypto Trading Bots

Always operate out of Russia and typically can be found via Telegram and peddled by the likes of British con man Simon Stepsys who is known for promoting tons of scams.

  • Advanced Fee Scams
These scams usually come in a job form and they require some sort of down payment before you can advance any further you never get to see any job only a bill and a smoke of dust from where the scammer has sped off in the night with all your hard-earned money. Pay zilch up front for anything.
  • eBay Scams

For many years, since the birth of eBay and many other sites where you have to trade with other buyers and sellers, scams have always popped their ugly heads up. Just stay away from dodgy-looking listings and dodgy sellers who claim to offer a great deal but in the end, you end up with a bag of sand and plenty of nothing to show for your time and effort. Just do your research when buying. 

  • Government Rebate Scams 

Any SMS text that claims to come from the Government asking for money is 100% a scam. Don’t be sucked into this type of scam so to avoid these emails from being sent to you. Don’t reply with STOP like they want you to in order to get paid. Just ignore them or simply block them and finally report them.



Here is a list of the recent scams that have taken place or are taking place right now as you read this. Just make sure that you avoid all these online scammers and their dodgy scams.

Meme Club (crypto trading bot scam)

Yet another scam to be called out here is the Meme Club based out of Russia and being heavily promoted by the evil scammer Simon Stepsys who is doing his best to get you sucked into it.

Here is an article on my favorite blog called Behind MLM going into more depth about this scam 

And one thing is for sure, if Simon Stepsys (serial conman and convicted fraudster from England in the UK) is behind it and peddling this scam, it will a million per cent be something dodgy.

Stay clear of this crypto trading rubbish scam as the numbers don’t add up and you will only end up being robbed big time. Don’t say i never warned you!

chatgpt AI scam

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