S-Group British Investment Fund Review

Thanks for wanting to read my new S-Group British Investment Fund Review. If you are an investor in this company, then be prepared to be let down big time.

Looking to invest in yet another Ponzi scheme? well, let me do my utmost to expose the hell out of this investment scheme that is just ready to steal your money.

Have a guess who is promoting this scheme which by the way used to be called another company that sort of massively collapsed owning millions to investors. That was Sincere Systems Group. That’s another story.

S-Group Is Just The Rebooted Old Sincere Systems

S-Group British Investment Fund Review

S-Group Smells Too Good To Be True

You know why i know it’s a scam? because like most ponzi schemes that take place on the web, one of the worst scammers from Ontario in Canada loves to market them all.

Drew Burton – Infamous marketer who would sell his own mother to make a profit

The same con man and well known serial Canadian fraudster Andrew Burton aka Drew Burton who i exposed a few years back seems to love promoting scams and they usually have a ponzi structure just like this one based out of Russia.

So if you have never heard of this scammer called Drew, he famously ripped everyone of his own members off in his own rev share website called my24hourincome.com

Check this article out for further proof of this Internet scoundrel.

My 24 Hour Income Review: 130% ROI adcredit Ponzi fraud


Which Well Known Scammer Is Promoting It?

S-Group British Investment Fund Review

None other than Drew Burton aka Andrew Burton from Barrie in Ontario in Canada.

All he does is use his YouTube channel to recruit others onto his team as he does with every scam he promotes or he uses his many capture/sales pages to hook victims into them.

He uses his pathetic charm act to win you over by showing you all WITHDRAWAL videos to suck you into his scams and schemes but you will all be left high and dry like many people were in other investment schemes such as:

  • Fort  Ad Pays
  • Payout Pro
  • Traffic Monsoon
  • Maps
  • My24 hour Income

and so many more it’s just crazy how much this scum bag has stolen from people or left them in the lurch when these ponzi schemes collapse leaving you all to fend for yourselves.

Don’t buy anything that Drew Burton is selling! He is nothing but a slimy scoundrel! 

If you don’t believe me then please go check my blog that I dedicated just to purely expose him and his scams and will continue to do so because people continue to get sucked into his sales funnel and join his team and in the end will just get burnt like many people have in the past.


Who Else Has Promoted It? Any Other Scammers?

S-Group British Investment Fund Review

You can’t make this stuff up. Yes as a matter of fact there is.

A British convicted fraudster who goes by the online scamming name of Simon Stepsys has promoted it and probably still does from his home in Nantwich in the UK.

He was well known for his promoting of other Ponzi schemes like Drew Burton and I just can’t believe that people still get sucked in by these scum bags such as Simon Stepsys and Burton.

Last i heard Simon was promoting another scam called MindCapital which you can find promoted all over his website www.simonstepsys.com

but then when you start doing more research into MindCapital you will soon find poor reviews by investors who have been systematically robbed

Here are some Trust Pilot reviews of MindCapital



S-Group British Investment Fund Review

Final Thoughts On The S-Group Scam

Well, where do I start on my S-Group British Investment Fund Review I tried to review fairly until I spotted two well-known crypto scammers promoting it so that set alarm bells off.

Then I looked into the actual company and found so many ANOMALIES and RED FLAGS I just thought my head was going to spin. It didn’t take the scum bags such as Drew Burton or Simon Stepsys to prove me right.



Late in 2019, Sincere Systems Group began operations. It was a straightforward token Ponzi scheme that was based on “sincere tokens.”

Sincere Systems presented itself as a “UK company,” but it was actually controlled by con artists from Russia and/or Ukraine.

Sincere Systems failed in the middle of 2021. The Ponzi scheme was revived as “S-Group” in August 2021.

S-Group keeps up the fake UK firm act by identifying as a “British Investment” business.

It’s not difficult to expose S-business Group’s deception. esp when you have the likes of infamous rev share promoters such as Burton and Stepsys promoting it.

On its website, S-Group doesn’t mention who owns the business.

The majority of the scammers leading the company’s marketing initiatives are from Russia and Ukraine.

Stay Clear If You Want To Save Your Money!

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