Quickest Ways To Make One Pound Online In 2023

Here Are My Quickest Ways To Make One Pound Online

Quickest ways to make one pound online

Here is my proven quickest ways to make one pound or more online without a blog. You may scoff at this but remind yourself, all pounds can turn into grands over time.

Most people looking for ways to make money online always seem to chase too many scams or end up being burnt by the ones who promise to pay out big bucks.

Stop this way of thinking and don’t be a sheep! Perhaps if you chase little dreams they could prove to be more rewarding if you apply time and effort to them like it has been for me.

Quickest ways to make a pound

Here Are A Few Of The Quickest Ways To Make One Pound Online In 2022

So let’s show you 7 of my personal favourite quickest ways to make a pretty penny or two.

These proven methods have worked for me and they still do and i recommend them all to anyone wanting to start making money online in 2022 and beyond coz it’s just so easy to do.

Even my 10 year old can do most of them and he detests computers with a passion. Just that some of them need nursing and others are just so effective, they are just great earners.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the meat and gravy and get you earning today.


Can you actually make money from taking these silly time-consuming surveys? Defintely

From the outset seem boring and just a mind numbing task and i would probably agree with you on all the above and more but I’d put your ego and pride away if you want to make money.

The pounds can add up if you do enough of them although out of all the quickest methods of making a pound or more, this one may be the hardest to cash out quickly. Why?

Simply because the companies behind the surveys pay out schedules suck! but making the money is the easy part.

The best survey companies to work with are

Paid Work (www.paidwork.com)

I love this website as it offers users so many different ways to make money with them.

All works on a points system so when you complete tasks you get paid with points which can be converted to cash (as does most survey companies).

The sign up process is so easy and once you are verified via your email, you can start earning money through a number of ways such as playing games, taking surveys, and printing their website.

This money spinner is one of my favourite out of the bunch and anyone can do it if you have a phone or a PC.

Minimum payout: $10/£8.72 (1000 points)

OhMyDosh (www.ohmydosh.co.uk)

This bad boy is UK based and is so popular amongst fellow brits like myself.

Great layout and has a number of ways to earn money through them.

Many customers love using them and have given them such raving good reviews.

Strictly for UK residents only and you can cash out once you hit a tenner and expect 3 days for your money to clear in your bank.

Minimum payout: £10

Swagbucks (www.swagbucks.com)

They have a great online reputation for allowing people to make a quick buck but their pay out schedule is terrible.

That said, Swagbucks is an old boy and therefore you need to have patience with them if you want to make any real money with them.

Great for earning little stacks of pounds 🙂 hence why it’s on my list.

Minimum payout: $3/£2.62

30 Day Money Saving Challenge: How to Save Money Faster


There have been many times when i used my smart phone to make a quick penny online and sometimes even more than just a pound.

Don’t get me wrong so many of them are scams but if you use the right money making cash apps to turn into your new side hustles you can laugh all the way to the bank.

Here are 3 of my favourite cash apps that do pay out and are just a click away from that elusive penny.


All 3 cash earning apps are amazing at being allowing people like you to make money on the side with their smart phone and the best thing is that anyone can do it from anywhere.

These cash earning apps are similar to survey sites and although there can be a slight delay in payouts they do payout on time and they are loved by many hustlers online.


Another great way to make a quick penny is to refer people like your friends or family via Facebook is even easier to an offer that they can’t refuse.

I used to do this and go through my friend and family list on my Facebook and just send them
Links to a bunch of stuff.

The worst they can say is no.

That’s the beauty of this great little way to make a fast penny and you will soon be shocked at how easy it is.

Here are my best affiliate marketing platforms you can sign up to in order to get started

Max Bounty (www.maxbounty.com)

Max Bounty is a tough affliate program to get accepted onto them but if you do get accepted then you will literally be laughing all the way to the bank due to all the stuff you can sell.

Being an affiliate marketer with these guys is a total game changer and the best thing about being with them is the fact that you get your own personal manager to help you along the way.

The best thing i love about Max Bounty is the fact that you can select the right kind of high paying products to flog and also the right specific country in which you want to sell them.

Minimum payout: $100/£87.17

Click Bank (www.clickbank.com)

Yet another great place to start as an affiliate marketer. I started here many years ago and sold all sorts of things from diet pills to diet drinks and made a ton of money with them.

Clickbank is great for beginners starting out in the affiliate marketing game and i strongly suggest you take a short video course on them as they can be a huge gold mine if used well.

For many affiliate marketers, Clickbank is the holy grail.

Minimum payout: $50-100/£43.58-87.17

JVzoo (www.jvzoo.com)

JVZoo is another one of my favourite marketplaces for affiliate marketers who love to flog other peoples goods to make nice tidy few comissions.

With zero set up fees, or any sort of entry fee to join, this place is the best starting ground for any would-be marketer wishing to start selling other peoples goods on their blogs or sites.

Minimum payout: $50/£43.58

4. Crypto (coinbase)

This has to be a great earner for new sign ups as you earn up to £20 in the education section of the site and earn a penny or more.

They pay you for taking mini courses in crypto and all you have to do is convert it into cash which you can then take out via your bank account.

Here is my proof of what i recently made with them and this could be yours. (link below)

And you can earn exactly the same when you sign up under me.

Most questions in their education courses are multiple choice and there is no set limit of answers you can give so it’s literally money on tree waiting to be plucked by you guys.

So in order to sign up for a Coinbase account sign up here and then follow the instructions and once you are fully verified you will be given this juicy money spinning side hustle on a platter.


These cash back sites are proving to be rather popular here in the UK amongst everyone young and old. If you love shopping you will save and make a few pennies with cash back sites.

All you have to do to save money and make some money is sign up to a few of the most popular cash back websites below and use them when shopping for stuff online.

Myself and the wife use them regularly and we found a good bunch you should look up and check them out coz everyone loves free money esp me.

The top 3 best cash back websites in the UK are as followed

*Top cash back



6. eBay (sell feedback)

Right I know this may come across as controversial yet totally legal. There is another quick way for you to bag some bucks like I did a while back with this one little money spinner.

Sell nothing but just feedback stars on eBay for £1 or less.

The less you charge people the more you will make but don’t cut yourself too short of a deal or you will be spending more on listings than on anything and it will all just be a waste of time.

All you need to do is create a seller account on eBay and create a listing and vwalla!

7. Sell on facebook

Probably one of the easiest side hustles that will guarantee you will earn a penny or more by flipping even just stuff you can find that people want.

Charity shops are a jackpot here in the UK and can stock some nice little goodies for you to flip esp the designer t shirts.

Some first edition books can be found in these places so I mean get looking you never know what you’re gonna find.

The only thing I hate about using eBay is their extortionate fees and useless customer service so tread carefully with this one.

Another man’s trash is another’s gain. Simple.



So there you have it guys, 7 of the quickest ways to make a pound online in 2022 and let’s face it, if you can’t make money from doing any of the above i would just go and get a day job.

Making money online is easy for so many people but it can be challenging if you are new to it all.

That’s where i come in. So if you love making money or want to make money online, over the next few years i will be sharing so many ways to make money online it will blow your minds.

Thanks for reading this and i hope to see you in the next one. Happy hustling!

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