When is The Next Cost-of-living Payment In The UK

Want to know when the latest and next Cost-of-living Payment is due for us brits in the final quarter of the year? Well actually, I can positively sum that up for you in the next paragraph.

In actual fact, the Next Cost-of-living Payment will be paid to people on low incomes here in Wales and the rest of the UK between now and the 23rd of November. Claims the DWP.

In fact, 8 million Brits will apparently receive your next payment of £324 which would be the 2nd installment which is designed to help with the rising costs in fuel prices.

Next Cost-of-living Payment

Have you received the Latest Cost-of-living Payment?

I personally don’t think the Next Cost-of-living Payment will make any difference or put a dent in any fuel bill having watched our quickly these prices are flying up.

I think it’s all well and good in helping families on low incomes but what’s the point if these 2 payments are just going to be sucked off us again at the end of the month.

More needs to be done by the British Government to help people on low incomes and you know what if they don’t help people on low incomes my finance blog will help more than them.

How do I qualify for the Next Cost-of-living Payment?

Next Cost-of-living Payment

In order to qualify for this pittances and paltry Next Cost-of-living Payment, you need to be on certain benefits or you won’t receive a brass farthing from the British Government.

The support which totals around £650 is only for those on certain benefits such as Universal Credit or Pension credit and a few others which I will cover in a moment.

Do be wary of national scams that are dodgy and can trick you into sending money to receive your next Cost-of-living Payment in the form of text SMS scams or email scams and sometimes even a letter.

Here the few qualifying benefits in order to receive the next Cost-of-living Payment


If you are eligible for any of the above benefits, you can and will be paid out the next Cost-of-living Payment between now and the 23rd of November.

The next DWP payment will be sent directly to your bank and you will notice it as it will be referenced with your national insurance number followed by “DWP COL”.

Your Next Cost-of-living Payment Is NOT guaranteed unless you qualify

Blog Writers Wanted

Sadly, if you don’t receive certain benefits like the ones I mentioned above, you won’t be given ANY assistance or financial help and be thrown to the dogs to fend for yourself.

Don’t think that this is the end of you and your family as this is where I can help you.

If you have a laptop and the intent to want money, I share lots of money-making ideas on this blog which will pay more than £650 for every side hustle you do and sometimes daily.

From blogging to affiliate marketing to selling things on Etsy.co.uk to just about any and every side hustle you can think of I know about and I proudly share them all here on this blog.

Just because the Government won’t help you doesn’t mean others like myself will follow suit coz it’s not just about looking after the next person or having heart and doing the right thing

It’s simply coz we have all been there and know how hard the struggle can be so if I can be of any help or help the next person my blog will show you all the best side hustles and tools

It’s then up to you what you do with these tools and knowledge in order to find financial freedom so you can sit back and say with me in unison that the Government can shove it all.

Don't Let The DWP Get You Down!

Next Cost-of-living Payment

If you are honestly struggling to pay your bills, contact me and I will give you a few ways to help you pay your bills or save money on them. Life is too short for anyone to struggle, period.

Make sure you talk to others about your financial problems as this can help take a load off and maybe even give you a few pointers to get your head straight.

Always know that whatever happens, you got your friends and family to turn to for help and if that’s not the case, talk to Samaritans or Citizens Advice and perhaps they can help you.

  • Samaritans (call 116 123)
  • Citizens Advice (call 0800 144 8848 England/ 0800 702 2020 Wales)

Good Luck!

Final Thoughts...

Please don’t think that the Governments payments will cover everything coz they won’t and this is where i come in with sharing all my side hustle ideas that can replace and do better.

These paltry payments from the DWP (department for work and pensions) won’t last forever so why not try your hand at blogging or affiliate marketing because who knows it could work for you.

On my finance blog, I share hundreds of money-making ideas daily to help get people into making money online and not have to rely on these payments.

If you think you are entitled to financial help and assistance but who has not received it should contact the office that pays their benefit or tax credits or report it here.

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