Make Money With Bug Bounty Hunting Programs In 2022

Making Money With Bug Bounty Hunting Programs Is Open To Anyone. Let Me Explain.

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Intro: What is Bug Bounty? (Breaking it down for you)

Making Money With Bug Bounty Hunting Programs Guide to help you get started in the world of getting paid for simply legally finding holes in the big systems that belong to big tech.

Now I bet you’re thinking what the hell is bug bounty hunting? and how can you make money from it right? Simple. Just hear me out because when i first heard about this i was stoked.

Bug bounty programs are aimed at everyone with a love for hacking whose amazing skills are sought after by big companies such as Microsoft to get paid for finding errors in their systems. (legally of course).

It was wildly reported back in 2019 that some Argentinian tester/hacker who goes by the name of Santiago Lopez was one of the first testers to surpass $1 million in earnings. 

When I first read this story I was blown away then I started looking into this whole world of bug bounty and how to basically jump on the bandwagon like everyone else.

What Companies Are Looking For Bug Bounty Hunters?

Do you still want to make money with bug bounty programs in 2022 and beyond then let it be known that most bug bounty hunters (just like bloggers) end up giving up after a year of trying


Because they haven’t got the right 


It took me nearly 6 months to find my first bug and even then it was written off as some sort of duplicate (which is very common in the bug bounty world) and is so frigging annoying

especially when you haven’t had much sleep and you think you struck gold but end up with lead instead.

Bug bounty hunting isn’t a simple side hustle you think you can do coz if it was everyone would be doing it. It’s probably one of the hardest side hustles I have ever done, trust me.

Lots of companies out there looking for ethical hackers to look for holes that will require patching but if you sign up for any of the bug bounty programs like:

to name just a few most popular places where you can start from. Just note how competitive it is so I would suggest you start on HackerOne which is my favorite and then go private.

In fact, if you master HackerOne, and become shit hot you can just go solo and start charging companies on sites like to run pen tests on their servers and systems for big bucks.

The world is your oyster once you know how to master opening the bleeder. That’s how I see it.

Make money with bug bounty programs

What Skills Do You Need To Become a Bug Bounty Hunter?

If you ask most computer researchers they would probably suggest you need to have a few courses under your belt, probably a degree, and need to buy lots of energy drinks.

The last part maybe is true. 

As for the rest, Nah I tend to disagree and think all you need to have in order to get started with bug bounty programs in 2022 is just to have some knowledge of:

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • Linux commands
  • Networks

That’s all you need to know and learn about if you want to get started legally hacking into companies and their software for cash payouts on a regular basis. NO DEGREE NEEDED!

I will be more than happy to provide you with a list of all the right courses and tools you need in order to start your bug bounty hunting journey.

And recommend the best hacking channels on Youtube that helped me to sharpen my hacking skills and showed me a lot of useful shit to help make things happen.

Blog Writers Wanted

The ONLY Hacking Tool You Will Need is Kali Linux

So once you have mastered and learned the basics such as:

  • The Coding 
  • The Networks
  • The Programs

When you have done all that and you are ready to get started, you just need to master the best hacking tool on the planet which will have ALL the best hacking tools on it.

Just think of Kali Linux as a Swiss army knife to hackers/researchers far and wide. Plus, it automates a lot of stuff which makes things a lot easier for you when dig deep into targets.

So what is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is Linux-based Debian software that can be installed and run independently via a virtual player such as VM Ware on your PC or laptop and contains the best hacking tools around.

How is it run? How to use it?

Using the Linux command line. If you are unsure of the Linux command line, there are a ton of resources on Youtube or for free courses in everything such as ethcial hacking etc

Final Thoughts...

So you still interested in Making Money With Bug Bounty Hunting Programs

Great stuff. I love to hear that as this won’t be an easy picnic for you but now I have shown you a little about what to expect from the world of bug bounty.

I have another blog dedicated to bug bounty and you can find it here 

You will find a ton of tools, books, courses, etc to help you along on your hacking journey and who knows you may like it and it could become a full-time job for you.

Good Luck!

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