11 Best Ways To Make Money Online In Wales In 2022

Here are the 11 best ways to make money online in Wales being a Welsh blogger myself, they have all worked for me, and subsequently found most of them to be good little side hustle earners.

Great passive incomes that every home needs especially this close to Christmas.

Forget running to the Welsh Government to ask for side hustle grants because they will just look at you daft unless you have a great business idea and even then you have to jump through so many hoops.

If you want to learn about ways to earn money online from Wales, the best bet is to listen to me as I have so much experience being from Wales and making a living through so many Welsh side hustles online since 2008.

No need to keep searching for terms like this on Google, 

  • make money online instantly uk
  • make money online uk free
  • make money online from home
  • dirty ways to make money uk
  • how to make money online for beginners
  • earn extra income in wales
  • wales online easy side hustles

because I know the best and the worst and here is a bunch of my collection of 11 of what I reckon is the best and most reliable ways to make money online in 2022 and beyond.


After you read these 11 Best Ways to make money in Wales, you will soon realize what you need to do if you love starting side hustles as much as me. 

One of these particular side hustles has made me ££££ consistently over the last few years and the best thing about it all is the fact that it is passive and just keeps paying me every month.

Over the years since I have labeled myself the side hustle king on all my social media profiles like 

  • Youtube
  • Tik Tok
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

and many more coming soon when I can find the time to add them to my hectic life.

You see, it’s no secret that making money online, especially in the UK or Wales in particular is quite tricky or at least it can seem like that when you just want to earn quick money.

So without further ado, let’s get cracking and show you 11 of the best ways to make money online in Wales in 2022 before you fall asleep or end up buzzing off. 

my services

1. Start a Small Blog (ANY NICHE)

You only gotta look at the success stories of famous Welsh bloggers like welshmum.co.uk and cardiffmummysays.com to work out that every one of us who has jumped on the old blogging bandwagon makes passive income from everything that we choose to post and share.

I have blogged since the stone age or at least that’s what it feels like and it’s more like a hobby than a business as I love writing and sharing my side hustle ideas.

Anyone from Wales can start a blog at any age and as long as you have passion for something you will seldom stop chirping on posts about your favorite topics and subjects that float your boat.

I just managed to get my wife Kelly Protheroe to start her own blog kellyprotheroe.com

She loves everything about skincare and runs her Instagram account with thousands of followers who look forward to seeing her reviews on skincare products and seeing her passion for skincare come through every post she shares. that’s the beauty of blogging. It’s universal.

If you would like to receive a helping hand on setting up your blog (for free) please get in touch with me via the contact page and I will be more than willing to help my fellow Welsh folk to make money online through their own blog just like this one.

How many ways can you make money online through a blog?

  • Display advertising (Adsense)
  • Review products (Affiliates)
  • Sell your own product (shop)
  • Sell your own digital downloads (ebooks, songs, poems, art) 
  • Sell other products (Affiliate marketing)

How much is it to set up a blog?

If you want to make money online in Wales through a blog, the best hosting company that will cover everything and you only have to worry about a low-cost monthly bill is join up with 

They will cover everything from supplying you with a website address, hosting the blog on their servers, and helping you to set up your own private email for your blog and keep costs down by only charging you £1 for the 1st 6 months and then about a fiver thereafter.

So really great all around and the best thing about them is they are based in the UK so have a great support team if you get stuck with anything.

2. Start Selling On Etsy.co.uk

Well, these guys offer the best sellers platform on the planet when it comes to selling your own creations. Love making things? why not sell some of them on Etsy to help with your bills?

When the Covid crisis hit the UK, I used Etsy to sell my homemade hand sanitizer, and the sales I got from this place truly rocked my sales on my website. Really good place for selling stuff.

I will prove it to you coz next month I plan to do a new Etsy experiment to show you that ANYONE can flog anything when I list a few crazy products on the platform which I believe will sell.

NOTE: Bestsellers on Etsy which seem to make the most profit in 2022 seems to be anything to do with digital downloads.

3. Sell Your Stuff On Facebook Marketplace

make money online in wales

Still want to make fast money online in Wales? Here is another quick side hustle i love doing when i want quick cash in my hand and no dumb surveys to fill out.

The marketplace on Facebook is the best way i have seen on all social platforms to get rid of stuff in my house and even sold reindeer dust (around Xmas time) to parents for their kids.

You can really smash it on Facebook and if you can’t sell what you need to be gone, I am sure your friends will buy it or there is always Gumtree.  This classified ad site is just as good.

NOTE: Just be careful of scammers and make sure you meet in person (with someone else) and don’t set up an electronic fund transfer to someone who claims to offer you the keys to pandora’s box. JUST DON’T SEND ANYTHING. MEET IN PERSON, PERIOD.

4. Work As a TAGGER For Netflix.com

make money online in wales

Can you actually get paid for working for Netflix.com?

Well now anyone can if you can bag yourself a new job as a tagger which pays up to like $45 per hour and is so sought after these jobs don’t stick around long.

What is a TAGGER?

No, before you start it’s not a sheep tagger. This is more done online and it involves simply getting paid to watch movies and programs on Netflix and then sort of acting like a modern-day librarian. How easy can that be? getting paid to watch what most of us already watch anyway.

So how do I sign up to be a tagger on Netflix.com?

The only place you can find Tagger jobs is on and through the Netflix job portal which can be found below. Good luck and please do share some good news with me if you bag one of these tagger jobs.

5. Write And Sell Ebooks On Amazon KDP Program

make money online in wales

Being into writing films and books myself, I thought what better way to sell my ebooks than on Amazon? Hmm great in theory and so easy to set up and start the ball rolling.

I love using Amazon’s KDP program as this is the one true passive income out of them all that always keeps on sending monthly payments to my bank account and probably will till I croak.

The only stipulation I have with using Amazon is the delay in payments (initially) but once you get over that notion and headache, it all gets better over time when you overlook this stuff.

I am also keen to turn some of my collection of ebooks into audiobooks soon so I may look to do this on the Audible program that Amazon also owns. I will see what the pay structure is like first before I jump in and may just sell them from this blog at a better price.

So do you have a story in you? i think most people do. If so, here is the link to get your book on Amazon KDP.

This is one simple side hustle that ALL Welshies can do from home! Easy Money!

6. Become a GIG Seller On Fiverr/UPwork

Most of us have skills whether we like to believe it or not and there are a few places out there that bring people with skills to buyers who want to pay you for your skills. Hear me out.

By trade I am a web designer and a few years back, I sold my skills on a few sites such as Fiverr.com and Upwork.com people hired me to build their online stores, and yes I enjoyed getting paid to do what I love.

So do you have a skill that someone may buy from you? Could be a language skill? a coding skill? an artistic skill? whatever skills you have, just know that you can be hired and make great money online by doing micro jobs on task sites such as Upwork or even Fiverr.com. 

Some people are earning over £100k per year from offering such services as being an SEO consultant or even flogging psychic gigs.  

To get started, click on the link below and go check out how much money you can earn being a skilled worker on these gig hustle websites.

7. Get Free Crypto On Coinbase

Tony’s Cash Bot Scam

Please don’t overlook this side hustle if you think it’s dodgy or a scam. It’s not as I can prove otherwise as I have been paid by them for joining up to the app. Hear me out!

Don’t get me wrong, I have lost a shit load of money with crypto over the last few years but I have also earned a lot more than I lost so I guess it balances things out in the end.

I am not a huge lover of crypto apps but when I came across this Coinbase app and the fact that one of the features it has offers users to take a few quizzes to earn a few quid. I was all over it and signed up immediately.

It was TRUE. I signed up and used some of the wallets to play with some of my spare cryptos and then soon I was invited to start taking small quizzes which earn you up to £5-£10 per bunch of questions. 

You have the option to withdraw your crypto by converting them into fiat currency or exchanging them for other more popular cryptos.

There is a staking option as well on the app for you to make money with staking but you won’t have enough crypto to make that much of a profit so it’s not worth doing if you ask me.

8. Start a Youtube Channel

make money online in wales

Yet another great way to make money is through your own Youtube channel. Whether you share side hustle ideas like I do on my channel called Side Hustle King or whether you share makeup tips, the world is your oyster.

You can earn a ton of money on Youtube in a few ways but just be aware that success on Youtube doesn’t happen overnight.

The best way to make money on Youtube without many or any subscribers is with affiliate marketing. I will share a post on this topic next week.

The best thing you can do if you have a camera and a ton of time is to find a great niche and get started on uploading. It could be rain sounds, just go make the videos and get uploading today.

Once you and your channel are fully verified and approved, and your channel has over 1000 subscribers, and 4k watch time hours, your channel will be eligible to show adverts on the Google Adsense program which will help you on your journey to financial freedom. Look at the success story of Mr Beast. 

Happy Youtubing guys!

9. Take Part In Surveys

Christmas Side Hustle: Sell Hot Chocolate Stations

Now when it comes to making money online in the UK and Wales with surveys I am not going to recommend many as I think most of them are absolutely rubbish.

Plus, you have to wait until retirement to cash out on most of them. 

The best paying and fastest paying one that I love and used to use a lot was Ohmydosh.co.uk coz they are unlike the others and they cater for UK residents.

So all you have to do to get started and earning those magical points to convert into cash is sign up below and just get started within 5 minutes.

10. Buy And Sell Blogs

How to Make Money With Chatbots In 2023

Wanna get into buying and selling blogs like my one? now you can because I can verify you can do it and try it via the very popular auction website called Flippa.com.

As long as you do your homework on the website or blog you want to buy, you will be able to buy it and maybe keep it to do it up and make it better or buy an established website that can be your future nest egg for you and your family.

There is also another Flippa.com rival called Empireflippers.com and you could have lots of luck on here as I did. They also sell established Amazon FBA businesses so keep an eye on this one.

NOTE: Stay clear of the apps as most of these sellers are known to scam people with fake stats and exaggerated figures. Just buy and sell with verified people!

11. Domain Flipping

5 Proven Ways to Make Money From Your Side Hustle in the UK

Ever heard of the term domain flipping? Well now you have thanks to someone who has sold so many domain names over the years and made some great earnings in doing so.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be a long-winded process but if you find the best domain names that have a ton of backlinks, and is steeped in history, and are not blacklisted. You will be able to flip them for profit on websites such as NameJet.com.

This is a great little earner for all my fellow Welshies and I would recommend you read up on this even further in an even longer and more in-depth article that can cover all the bases about domain flipping. This is just an overview of what you can achieve by flipping domains for profit.

Go check out the price tag of the domain name Pizza.com and how much this domain sold to a buyer. It’s just bonkers mun.


Don’t get me wrong guys, it’s no picnic to make money online in Wales and I can vouch for that but neither is it as hard as many people make it out to be.

If you are as money hungry as me and love writing, blogging is the answer but if you think you are built for other things or BIGGER things such as Youtube or Tik Tok or want to be an influencer in the 21st century, go for it and you go do what your heart tells you to. 

Forget about the naysayers, the negative people, and the jealous heads, just go and do what you gotta do to make your money online or offline regardless of what people think or say.

At the end of the day, you came into this world alone and I am sure you will leave this place in the same fashion. It’s just HOW you leave is down to you and what legacy you wanna leave for yourself and your family. 

Thanks for reading this post titled 11 Best ways to make money online in Wales as i hope it changed at least one of your bank balances like it has done for me.

Good luck and always know I will help you get things set up if you reach out.

Cymru Am Byth!

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  1. Thanks For Providing Ways To Make Money Online, I Have An Amazon KDP Publishing Account, I Have Varified It, But How Can I Be Able To Receive Pyments, I Am Based In Nigeria.

    • Hi thanks for your comment. This is something you will have to take up with Amazon as I’m not aware of the answer for you.

      However, you can use gumroad to sell things digit. Good luck


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