Is Tony’s Cash Bot a Scam? [FULL REVIEW]

Thanks for looking at Tony’s Cash Bot Scam [FULL REVIEW] for my views on it.

Planning to make money in 2023 like most of us. You won’t find it there with Tony’s Cash Bot ( due to the serious red flags that this new potential trading bot screams in so many obvious ways. Could this be a scam?

For many investors, this should make you very cautious indeed as it’s new and it hasn’t proved itself to be worth a grand of your money.

P.S. Enjoy reading! 

Is Tony’s Cash Bot a Scam? [FULL REVIEW]

Is Tony's Cash Bot Nothing More Than a PONZI?

Having been caught up in so many scams myself in the past and been stung so many times, whenever I get time I do my best to find the best and the worst ones to expose them all for good or bad reasons.

Some of them tend to slip through the net but when I stumbled upon Tony’s Cash Bot Python scripted auto trader that claims to make you retire by 50, I just had to check it out.

Firstly, I am not a huge fan of trading bots anyway due to the many errors that they produce when making trades and simply I am not a fan of trading anyway full stop. Call me biased but I don’t care.

When I saw who was actually running Tony’s Cash Bot, I just knew it COULD be a scam and a quick cash grab aka another Ponzi scheme? or am I totally wrong? Let’s find out!

Designed purely to show all these lovely numbers to simply rope the most greedy of society to invest in a grand each and then feed you stuff about so-called crypto gems and then spin you all this nonsense just to grab your money. Hmmm. I could be wrong!


Is Tony’s Cash Bot a Scam? [FULL REVIEW]

Anthony Davis (Owner/Creator)

Current Home Town: Birmingham,UK.

This is the owner and creator of Tony’s Cash Bot aka the worst auto trading bot to come out of the UK. 

From his hideous videos on TikTok which he has recently taken down or TikTok has swiftly removed them due to mass reporting and possible illegal acts?

Or was it due to the fact that this man was caught threatening anyone with violence on his videos that questioned his bot that from the outset looks and appears like a scam.

Some poor woman only emailed him and told him what she thought and he started to act all unprofessional and wanted to track her down and go after her.

Later claiming he was some sort of madman? Is this someone you want to invest yours with? I will leave that one down to you. 


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Tony's Cash Bot Serious RED FLAGS

When you look at something that COULD potentially be dodgy online you always look for any red flags that it could raise and in this case with Tony’s Cash Bot, I have carefully put together a list of red flags that you need to be aware of in order to keep in mind before you even consider investing.

DYOR (do your own research) as they always say.


RED FLAGS (Tony's Cash Bot)

  • The Owner (Anthony Davis aka Tony Davis) is a very unstable and unprofessional guy who thinks he can threaten people with violence and act like a thug. 
  • The Price Very overpriced for something that has had so many problems lately and is usually free online. Written in Python and as any coder can tell you that this price is very high.
  • The Bot Just a simple Python bot that anyone get for free online. So it’s nothing special and they provide similar ones for free on the trusted and established auto trading app called Pionex. It’s full of teething problems and it cannot be trusted.
  • The Support Some people who invested their hard-earned money before they found out it was a scam soon learned quickly that the support from the little team behind Tony’s Cash Bot was very nonexistent. Just unacceptable for a so-called new business. 
  • The Team Very little team, in fact, it’s just two people on the team. Tony and his sidekick Ben. Everyone else who has been mentioned on their website doesn’t want to seem to want to promote this or own up to the fact that they are a part of it.
  • ZERO insurance No insurance at all so if and when it all goes tits up, you will be left with just another useless shit-trading bot.
  • NO Refunds For some apparent reason (probably coz there is zero regulation surrounding crypto in the UK at the moment) they don’t offer refunds 
  • His TIKTOK Videos If you saw them, you would understand that the person who is running this scheme is just a loose cannon who thinks he can bully his investors and anyone who questions him. 
  • His Demeanor Just totally unprofessional and rude like some dodgy people act. 




Thanks for reading my opinions on my Tony’s Cash Bot Scam [FULL REVIEW]

So based on the above information that I have about Tony and his crypto trading bot, I hope you can give it the elbow that it needs, or else you could lose all your money.

So not only is Tony’s Cash Bot a potential scam but it’s just another overpriced python scripted bot that you can get for free. In fact, I will list a few FREE auto crypto bots below for you to try out.

So would I personally invest in this bot of Tonys? not a chance in hell. Why would I risk my money with a crackpot who we know nothing about and don’t offer any refunds if you fell ill.

or god forbid were struck down by some serious health problem? That doesn’t sit well with me at all.

So Tony’s Cash Bot is just a ticking time bomb and from what I have seen and heard the hideous tough man talk bravado nonsense and serious threats he has made has put me right off this trading bot and everything about him. I mean talk about reckless.

DISCLAIMER: Tony’s Cash Bot could make you money in the short term and it could potentially lose you money. It’s a huge risk that you will have to make yourselves.


NEW UPDATE: (08/02/2023)

Having spoken with Ben (co-founder) who seems like a nice chap, I have reviewed and re-evaluated everything again and come to the conclusion that I could be wrong and that Tony’s Cash bot could be a great trading tool if used properly with the right guidance so I will swallow my pride. Tony’s Cash Bot could be a great investment!

The reason why I had my opinions changed was simply down to Ben showing me how they operate and how much time and effort has gone into creating something that could potentially make you good money.

I am grateful for Ben reaching out to me to clear things up and like always I am always open to changing my views on things as that’s the beauty of freedom of speech.

As I always tell my readers when thinking about making investments in anything whether it be trading bots or other things, always do your own research first and don’t invest more than you are willing to lose.


What are The ALTERNATIVES to Tony's Cash Bot?

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DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by the programs below so I stand to receive nothing financially if you get referred by this blog. Just looking out for my trusted viewers and potential investors/traders. 





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