Is Blogging Dead In 2022? (The Truth)

So Is blogging dead in 2022? The Truth is what you want to know? Sometimes it may feel like it when most blogs go quiet but for me personally, blogging will never die or end.

As a matter of fact, blogging is the cornerstone of the Internet despite what the minority say.

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If you think blogging is dead THINK AGAIN buster

Is blogging dead in 2022? Most bloggers would probably agree that this statement is true but I tend to beg to differ as I believe they are all barking up the wrong tree. Moreover, Here is why.

Blogging is a long old slog for most people and what tends to happen is that these bloggers get hit with a big update from Google and they think it’s the end of the world. No it’s not! 

Anyone who tells you blogging is dead is NOT right in their head. Simple. Why? Because blogging has just not worked out well for them so they think it’s fine to discourage the rest. Wrong move!

Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Believe Blogging Isn't Dead

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"Blogging Isn't For The Weak" - Darren Protheroe

When it comes to finding out whether or not is blogging dead? you must first truly understand why people are saying this and who they are to come up with such a naive generalisation.

In a recent study, most bloggers tend to give up after blogging for no longer than a year so it’s probably a cycle of nonsense perpetuated by these same people who gave up too early.

Here is my list of 5 good reasons why i strongly believe blogging isn’t dead.


With thousands of WordPress blogs being built every day and with zero evidence of things stopping, it just goes to show how popular blogging has become for many people.

So many baby bloggers on facebook join every day to our groups so it goes to show blogging is far from dead and the love for blogging is very much alive and kicking.

So this means its a great time to start a blog so why not learn how to start blogging with my free blogging course. It’s suitable for everyone plus i show you how to make money with your blog.


With so many people online looking at blogging as a 2nd or 3rd stream of income no wonder why blogging is not dead. In fact i believe it’s only just beginning especially here in Wales, UK.

A successful blog can generate up to £100k per month but in most cases a lot of blogs if the owners do not put enough work in them will end up trying to flog their worthless blog online.

On the flipside, if you get it right and put the work in, you will be rewarded handsomely.

I remember setting up a small crypto blog last year and within 3 months it was an instant hit and given that it was a great high paying niche i done well before i sold the blog.

Morale of the story, don’t give up and keep blogging and love doing it or just give up and do something else.

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I think you will find that if you ask many online business owners who own and run a blog alongside their primary business you will find that they would never get rid of their blog.

Most businesses here in the UK love to use blogs as their marketing platforms and a source of contact for customers wanting to know everything about their business.

In my honest opinion, a blog is a priceless digital asset that is underestimated and invaluable thus, making it a somewhat powerful tool that if used well can prove to be very bountiful.


Due to the cost of living crisis here in the UK and elsewhere so many people are joining blogs in the UK to help with budgeting and providing life saving tips that go along way with this key info.

With great money-saving sites like Money Saving Expert, and well, it’s no wonder why blogging is never going to die or drop off. I guess it’s just a matter of picking the right niche.


Blogs are powerful digital assets that even the likes of Governments and Presidents are using every day to get their powerful and not so powerful messages across to the world.

Blogging is however here to stay and for bloggers like me, that’s just a blessing coz i love blogging and want to use this finance blog to help people make money and save money.

So believe me when i say, you are defintely in the right place if you want to make money and save money and find financial freedom with my many side hustles that keep me on my toes.

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If you believe the hype, you most certainly become the hype, no way is blogging dead in 2022 with so many factors that outweigh the status quo on a scale like you wouldn’t imagine.

Blogging for many bloggers is an escapism from their reality or just a way to make passive incomes from their efforts but remember, without reaping you will seldom ever sow.

If you want to become a blogger like me, i have the perfect free course in blogging so head there and get started today and never look back because believe me, blogging is for life.

By all means give my free blogging course a try and see for yourself that blogging can change your life providing you apply the right attitude and determination to the right niche.

In fact, blogging is universally here to stay and anyone who is naive enough to try and suggest it’s doomed is simply naive or clearly haven’t watched my free blogging course yet.

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