How to OUTRANK any post on any blog in Nigeria

Here are my top 10 ways on How to OUTRANK any post on any blog in Nigeria in 2022

How to OUTRANK any post on any blog in Nigeria

Most blogs in Nigeria are SMALL so you have more chance to OUTRANK them if you only do these steps

In this post, here is how to outrank any post on any blog in Nigeria in style if you want to get ahead of your competiton.

After only a few months of research, I found myself wandering around a few of the best and worst Nigerian blogs in search of the truth about what makes a great blog in 2022.

With limited internet power and poor internet infrastructure and a lack of willingness from the Nigerian Government to equip schools and Universities with limited resources.

You wonder why many digital entrepreneurs never bother going to University and go it alone.

This for me would scream OPPORTUNITY so don’t let anyone, especially from Government, dictate how successful you can become in any way, be it being a blogger or a builder.

Let Me Show You How to OUTRANK Any Post On Any Blog In Nigeria With Easy-To-Follow SEO Tips

And sadly, that is so true. For many people, for many new bloggers imcluding myself when i first starting blogging many years ago.

Whether it be, the lack of money, time, excuses, whatever.

There was always something that i saw as a BIG distraction that discouraged me from STAYING THE COURSE.

Till i learnt i big lesson, blogging isn’t no fast way to make money unless you get very lucky and hit a sweet niche that nobody has discovered yet.

On the flipside, I still believe that many niches in Nigeria are UNDISCOVERED and UNTAPPED so this means you just need to find the right path to success.

Here Are My TOP 10 ways On How to Outrank Your Competition With Your Nigerian blog

How to outrank any post on any blog in Nigeria


So many blogs in Nigeria are written with original content and that’s all good and well but the blogs i surveyed have massive plagarism issues and most were using copied content.

By writing original content, your Nigerian blog will outrank them based purely on the fact that Google favours original content more than copied work.

Plus, if Google catches the copy thief, their Google Adsense ads will soon be removed quicker than they were installed.


From all the Nigerian blogs that i researched, i used a great little Google Chrome extention called Detailed to check the META DATA on all pages and posts and so much META was left out.

When you build a blog, you have to download a great little SEO plugin called Yoast or Rank Math and in doing so, it will help you to add lots of juicy META data to your pages and posts.

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Seriously, there are so many Nigerian blogs who have so many images, BUT ZERO ALT TAGS being added on their photos/images which is NOT what Google likes to see or rather not see.

Everyone makes the same mistakes when starting out with blogging and the last thing most people wanna do is remember to add KEYWORDS in the ALT TAG section on every photo.


Never forget to add your keywords to the main TITLE line and the main heading and all sub headings because so many blogs out there make the same mistake and don’t add them.

We all use to do the same mistake when in a rush to write a blog post but don’t make the same errors like us old bloggers made back in the day because your bounce rate will be lower too.


All i seemed to find when checking out Nigerian blogs were a lack of IMAGES and not seeing them added correctly. Most of them were the INCORRECT size or are large files. NOT GOOD!

If you want to OUTRANK your brothers and sisters blogs, you need to THINK SMARTER and make your images stand out and be original. Copied images are bad news.


Too many Nigerian blogs lack internal linking which is not a SEO friendly practice so if you just make your blog  fully linked to lots of internal pages and posts, already your blog has won.

I always used to make this mistake so now i make sure all my posts are interlinked and entwined with relevant information on all parts of the blog especially if it helps the visitor in the long run.


Google owns Youtube, and providing you have prior consent, you will be allowed to use other peoples videos on your blog. Did you know that most blogs in Nigeria lack videos on their pages?

So that means if you start adding Youtube videos, you will start to see a huge jump in visitors and with people who stick around on your blog and not bounce off.

ADD LOGO DESIGN is the best place to get started with anything logo related and i love using it for all my design work so if you want your blog to look amazing, try

So many Nigerian blogs don’t bother using logo designs but that don’t mean you have to when creating your blog. Just sign up for the FREE pro package and you will have full access.


So many Nigerian blogs lack so many good quality backlinks so if you can work on your backlink strategies and can generate some great quality ones then already your blog succeeds.

Try to bag yourself some quality backlinks because the Nigerian blogs that i have researched use bad backlinks. So if you just get some quality backlinks, your blog will outshine the rest.

How to OUTRANK any post on any blog in Nigeria

Final Thoughts...

Thanks for reading my How to OUTRANK any post on any blog in Nigeria post.

For me, blogging is my world and it has been for many years and in that time i have seen so many changes to many blogs and so many failures along the way.

All you need to do to outrank the rest of Nigeria is to make your content much better by following the above 10 steps to smash your competition into touch.

Just make some tweaks and changes to your content and you will soon see the difference.

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    • These are just a few of my tips so keep an eye out for many more. I will be giving away my ebook as well as from later so keep an eye out. Have a nice day

  1. Thanks so much for this. Daz I just learnt some things i didn’t know before in blogging. I have been struggling to rank on google. I do some you listed out and thought the others were unnecessary, especially the adding videos to my posts.

    Now i know better.

    • No problem. I love Nigeria and it’s people so I look forward to helping every blogger there. Thanks for watching the course and now you qualify for free one day mentorship with me. Contact me to arrange a day. Stay blessed. Daz


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