The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Villa Scams in Ibiza in 2023

Don't fall prey to the Villas scam in Ibiza 2023! Read on to learn how to avoid being ripped off and enjoy a safe and enjoyable vacation on the island.

Here is a brief post on how to avoid villa scams in Ibiza in 2023 and what you can do to protect yourself being the next sucker who falls for this scam. Don’t get me wrong I almost fell for one myself back in the day but after doing these few steps I managed to … Read more

Take Part In Research Scam | AVOID!!!

Take Part In Research Scam

If you want to make money with Take Part In Research then you should look elsewhere WHY? coz they suck! They don’t pay out and just waste your time and effort as I have mentioned in my recent Trust Pilot review. So Who Are Take Part In Research Ltd & Roots Research Ltd? Basically, they … Read more