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Thanks for viewing my review. So you want to find out if this cash back website is worth your while? Well, in this no-nonsense post, i will show you why rocks!

If you want to make money online with the best cashback company in the UK then after reviewing so many of them from Yougov, Toluna, and Top Cashback, comes out on top all the time. Review - A Simple Way To Make Money?

Given the abundance of websites providing free money, it may frequently be challenging to distinguish between those that are legitimate and those that are there to attempt to defraud you in the future.

Check through this review of to learn more about what to anticipate and how much you may actually make.

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My Initial 1st Impressions

Not a bad site and the majority of individuals should be able to pick up $50 to $60 in a few hours.

However, the options are somewhat limited; if you have previously used similar websites, you could find it challenging to do 15 assignments. (THE FULL SITE SCOPE)

I know that people are always a little dubious of cashback sites. Why would a company offer you something for nothing?

But the truth is, they are actually a handy way of making extra money from home, as long as you know how to use them correctly.

And the latest one for me to review is a site called

Even while I claim it’s new, that’s not really the case. It is more of a rebranded version of the long-running website 20cogs. Let’s examine the procedure and the potential rewards.


What is

This website is an example of a get paid to (GPT) website. You’ll receive money for doing little tasks. Additionally, you can get paid extra if you recommend friends.

Some don’t like it and think it has a bad rep for being late with payments but it’s never been the case for myself and my darling wife. I think they have been brilliant and always paid on time.


How Does Work?

Simply click on this link to create your free account, and you’ll be able to start earning money in a few minutes.

After then, 15 different jobs will be given to you to accomplish. If you complete one, the next one will become available.

These projects typically consist of three to four offers, but you only need to select one (although the more you complete, the more you earn).

Each offer offers a different sum, ranging from £1 to £20. Although a few of the offers ask you to make a little payment, most of them are entirely free to join up for.

Following the steps on the screen after selecting the offer that appeals to you the most will unlock your next task. You can withdraw your money once you have finished all 15 assignments.

Despite the fact that some jobs pay off right away, others can take weeks to complete. Review

What kind of offers are there?

If you’ve ever been a member of a survey site before, then I’m sure you’ll be aware of the sorts of offers to expect. If not, offers generally involve:

  • Taking out trials for TV channels
  • Signing up to bookmakers/bingo sites
  • Joining survey sites
  • Buying products for a discount
  • Trialling gift boxes

How much can you expect to earn?

By answering three straightforward questions, new users can receive a £5 welcome bonus and £2.50 from job 1.

The majority of jobs after that cost, on average, about £3.50. Review

Together with my £5 welcome bonus, I earned a total of £44.50. I made a tidy profit of £40.52 after deducting the £3.98 I paid to join up for a handful of these trials.

It wasn’t a huge sum, but it was still easy money.

There were various gambling websites where you might win £20. But I had to deposit at least £10 with each one.

You can withdraw cash via PayPal BACS once the funds have cleared in your account.

Is It Safe And Reliable?

A business called Submission Technology Ltd. owns They have been in business for more than 20 years and also own other websites, like OhMyDosh and, as I have indicated, 20Cogs.

So there’s no reason to worry that this is a firm that was set up in 5 minutes to steal your money.

What’s in it for

Why then does pay you money for participating in these offers? Well, because will receive a commission for each consumer they refer. The remainder of the commission will be kept by them, with a tiny portion going to you.


Do They Have A Referral Program?

Referring friends to this site is another way to make money. Your personal, special referral link can be found in the account section.

When you recommend friends and relatives, you will receive 10% of their earnings, up to a maximum of £10. Review about the site and its features

Any Negatives?

All of this can’t be good, can it?

The fact that the majority of the assignments here are for subscription services is a major drawback. Additionally, even though they might not initially charge you anything, you will be required to pay after a set amount of time. Any earnings you make could be soon lost due to this.

You could have already finished some of these offers if you’ve ever utilised a GPT website such to Swagbucks. It could be challenging to finish all 15 and get your money.

The businesses that links to are another item to be wary of. I’m sure they thoroughly vet the businesses they collaborate with before putting them on the cashback website, though. Most of them are legitimate businesses.

But unless you read the fine print, the peculiar offer isn’t always evident.


Is Worth It?

Not a horrible site overall. In the first few weeks after becoming a user, the majority of users ought should be able to pick up anywhere from £40 to £60.

Making much money after that can be a challenge.

Click on the button below to join and receive £5 just for signing up if you want to test it out for yourself.

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