Blog Writers Wanted [£2.50-£5.00 Per Post]

We welcome you to our Blog Writers Wanted article where we want to advertise our plans to hire a couple of great blog writers in the UK or abroad. As long as you pass our quality checks, we will swiftly hire you.

Do you have what it takes to be a blog writer? and be paid via PayPal for providing a great service to this blog, if so we need you to continue reading as this could be the perfect side hustle for you.

Blog Writers Wanted

Blog Writers Wanted: The Job

When you start a blog like this one, you never expect it to get so popular so quickly so with this in mind and the fact that I can’t handle the workflow as I have two other jobs, i need to hire out.

This is where you come into it. If you love writing and have a passion for it, we would like to hear from you and check your background and see what type of posts you write.

Our articles at need to be 1st class and ORIGINAL.

If we hire you, you will need to sign a contract that states that we will require you to carry out particular pre-approved writing jobs for us and be paid every week for every article you submit.

All articles will come with their own set of prerequisites and rules which I will cover next. 

All jobs will be priced individually subject to the quality of the articles and all will be proofread before being posted on this blog.

Blog Writers Wanted: The Articles

Love blog writing? love being creative and fun with writing? love solving problems and answering what the users want? then you need to get in touch with us as we love creativity.

We already have a couple of writers on our team and they love writing for us. If we hire you, I promise that you will too be proud to work as a freelance writer for

What are the requirements for each article?

  1. All articles must be on OUR chosen finance-related topics.
  2. All articles must be 500 words (minimum).
  3. All articles must be ORIGINAL and PLAGIARISM FREE.
  4. All articles must pass our quality inspection test.
  5. All articles must be proofread by yourselves before submitting them.
  6. All articles must contain no bad language.
  7. All articles must be professionally written.
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Blog Writers Wanted: The Pay

We will be happy to pay you £2.50 to £5.00 per article when hired by us.

All payments will be paid out weekly and sent to either a bank account of your choice or to your PayPal account.

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How to apply to be a blog writer for us? (fill in the form below)

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