Best Paying Christmas Side Hustles To Do In 2022

Would you like to find out what the Best Paying Christmas Side Hustles To Do In 2022 could be? Now you can coz I have selected the top greatest streams of income that you can earn as a side business in the UK.

Put away your P45 and your grimace, I have the right collection of smart side hustles that anyone can do to earn more or less great money for little effort on your part.

7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022

Here Are 10 Of My Best Paying Christmas Side Hustles That Anyone Can Do (EASY)

With Christmas fast approaching, I only think it’s apt and perfect timing to share my best paying Christmas side hustles to do in 2022. I mean life is so tough on us all right now.

With almost everything going up in price and the financial crisis almost being at a tipping point here in the UK, what better than to share some financial wisdom to help pay your bills?


Best Paying Christmas Side Hustles To Do In 2022

This gift wrapper side hustle is a great little earner as my niece Stacey did it last year and made a killing and i believe she will be doing it again this year too so it must be profitable.

All she did was start running a little stall in her local market hall and she had lots of people come to her with their Christmas gifts. She charged them £1.50 per gift all day.

In the end, she ran out of gift wrapping paper so she had to get more. 

With this side hustle, anyone who is good at wrapping gifts can do this and if you are rubbish at doing this, either hire someone who is or learn to do it.


This great little side hustle of putting up people’s Christmas lights has gone down a right storm near where I live and the local lad who does it charges £100 per time and is killing it.

Perfect if you have a van or car with roof racks so you can load a ladder on them and reach those heights that the homeowner finds most difficult. This is where you come in.

You can set your own rates and make an absolute fortune doing this but you will need some sort of marketing to get your clients booked in so i urge you to start with Facebook first.


Christmas Side Hustle: Sell Hot Chocolate Stations

My mum used to do this before she passed away and she made good money doing this and that was like back in the 90’s. Now with everything being online, you could make a fortune.

Let’s face it, everyone loves to own or see a stunning Christmas wreath on their door at this time of year so if you try this side hustle you could strike gold.

Where should you sell them?

If I was going to start this side hustle this Xmas, I would sell them via the likes of eBay, Facebook, Gumtree, and


7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022

Perfect for anyone wishing to get started selling things on or and the best thing about this side hustle is the fact that you won’t need any inventory.

How can you start this Christmas side hustle WITHOUT any products?

You can sell these Christmas mugs via Printify which you can link to Etsy and Printify will sort out all the processing of the mugs and send them to your customers. All you need to do is DESIGN.

Perfect for anyone really don’t you think?


Best Paying Christmas Side Hustles To Do In 2022

Our daughters done this last year and they were so happy and proud that they sold a few hot chocolate cones to fellow children in school and on Facebook.

All you need to do is buy some clear bags from Hobby Crafts and some decorating stuff that resemble reindeer and basically fill them up with hot chocolate powder and that’s it. Vwala!

Get some photos out on social media and get posting and who knows you could earn a few quid doing this side hustle at Christmas when kids love their hot choccy on Christmas Eve.


Christmas Side Hustle: Sell Hot Chocolate Stations

This one is kind of similar to how the one above works but the only difference is that you fill the plastic cones with glitter and write out personalized gift tags to be hung from each one.

How to sell them?

Friends and family could help you or you could just sell them on the marketplace on Facebook.


This is yet another great money-spinning idea but it does require you to fork out some money on the Christmas-themed mascot elf or Santa outfits off maybe eBay. HIRE THEM POSSIBLY?

Kids go nuts for this type of thing and when my mate Carl did this side hustle last year he was sold out for his Christmas Eve bookings.


7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022

All you need to start this side hustle and to be able to sell Christmas digital downloads on Etsy is for you to create your designs and that’s it.

Once you have created your (let’s say) Xmas business card or planner, all you have to do is get it uploaded onto your Etsy shop and get selling.

Perhaps run some ads and tell people about it and you can thank me later when you are rolling in it.


Best Paying Christmas Side Hustles To Do In 2022

This one is perfect if you can find some goodies to give away in a Christmas-themed mystery box. Every kid loves a surprise, don’t they? What better way to sell them is via Tik Tok.

With Tik Tok, they allow you to open your own shop so all you have to do is build up your followers and then offer them these bad boys. Easy money!


Everyone loves a great Christmas hamper. Why not help create and flip your own hampers this year? I mean most of the stuff can be bought from Home Bargains.

I have seen Christmas hampers being sold on Facebook from £20 to £50 so this could a great little earner for you and your family.


With these awesome Best Paying Christmas Side Hustles To Do In 2022 you can’t really go wrong especially if you try at least three of them.

Just start with the most easiest of the bunch and work until you drop coz there is always a demand for Christmas products or services especially around this time of year.

And if all else fails and you choose not to try any of the above Christmas side hustles, there is always TASK RABBIT which I will cover in my next article.

Good luck and hope you find the best side hustle that works best for you.

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