Best Delivery Driver Apps in the UK in 2022

Wanna know what the best delivery driver apps in the UK are in 2022?

Here are a few pointers on how to get started as a delivery driver in the UK for Amazon Flex, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat and what to expect to earn from these food delivery apps in 2022.

If you want to get started making money as a side hustle with food delivery apps such Amazon flex UK and Uber Eats UK and Deliveroo UK, all you have to do is be accepted is take a few tests and be 18 years old and have no criminal convictions and you will soon be given the nod.

best delivery driver apps in the uk

Can You Make Easy Money As A Delivery Driver In The UK? (lets find out)

The thought of becoming a delivery driver in the UK was so remote from me before i took the plunge last year, if you asked me, are you a delivery driver?

I would have laughed in your face or probably scoffed at the mere thought of me actually driving around my busy roads here in South Wales.

Want to know more about the best food delivery jobs in UK? you are in the right place. This may not cover Tesco delivery jobs but i will show you all the best driver apps.

These are the best apps for delivery drivers in the UK only! (please remember this).

I found a Youtuber from London claiming you can make good money i thought i would give being a delivery driver on ALL the food delivery apps to see who pays the best and see which one i would like to say is the best out of them all.

In my research and study i found that you can actually make great money as a delivery driver here in the UK and most of the food delivery apps paid me well above the hourly minimum hourly salary.

best delivery driver apps in the uk

So What Are The Requirements to Become a Delivery Driver In The UK

Most if not ALL the food delivery apps in the UK require you to:

  • Be aged 18+
  • Have a full driving license (unless you choose to ride a bike)
  • Have no criminal record
  • Own a smart phone

Just make sure your car is not a rust bucket and is going to get further than 3 miles or else you won’t get very far with being a delivery driver in the UK as you will be clocking a lot of miles. (Trust me, I already know as the job almost killed my latest car).

If you can pass all the little starter tests that you must do,and obviously tick all the above requirements you should start work within a month or two (fingers crossed). 

It all depends on your city or town where you live and how many drivers they require. I know some people who are still waiting to get started. Just keep onto them if you don’t hear from them, it’s just a numbers game you will soon be called.

NOTE: Some of the food delivery apps are much stricter than others with the whole criminal record thing so don’t let that put you off. You can be a SUB for someone else so that means you don’t have to declare anything to the food app. 

So Which Are The Best Delivery Driver Apps In The UK Right Now

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In my honest opinion, being a food delivery driver in the UK myself and having experienced using them now for the last year here are what i think pay the best.

Just Eat UK - Rated 5 Stars (out of 5)

I love this app for so many reasons and i would like to share them with you now so you can have a better view before taking the plunge and maybe trying them.


  • I found Just Eat UK app very easy to use
  • I like the fact that you have to book your weekly slots
  • The pay is more than £20 per hour
  • Amazing driver support
  • Nightly £1.50 bonuses per delivery


  • Scattered time-slots (if you get them)
  • Pay is sent to bank every other week

Aside from that, Just Eat UK food delivery app is great if you can get on their payroll as they pay well and they always have work.


best delivery driver apps in the uk

Deliveroo UK - Rated 4 stars

Yet another great food delivery app that really does deliver on every front whether it be the whole user experience to the great UX design for drivers. It scores high for me.

The only downside of Deliveroo, and this is more of a personal thing although i am sure other food delivery drivers in the UK have experienced the same issue is the app can go down sometimes or show incorrect figures. Just small issues really.

Here are some of the PRO’S and CONS of working as a food delivery driver in the UK with Deliveroo UK food app.


  • App is so user friendly and simple to work
  • You get paid even when pick ups are late or delayed
  • I love it when they offer bonuses almost every day with their 1x bonus structure which helps boost earnings big time
  • Lots of work available on weekends
  • Pay is sometimes over £35 per hour if you have the right 1×5 booster.


  • They are very strict with rules
  • They don’t like delays of any sort even if and when you go get petrol
  • Driver support is poor 
  • You don’t get paid for waiting for your pick ups

Aside from that, Deliveroo are usually quite good especially on weekends but lately (November 2022) the basic rate seems to be quite terrible unless you just stick with bonus days like we do. 

best delivery driver apps in the uk

Uber Eats UK

Uber Eats UK is probably one of the worst out of the bunch and therefore i won’t be allowing anyone to sign up under me. They suck! in every sense. Let me explain why.

Not only do they have the worst pay but they have the worst driver support and worst app that prompts you to verify your face every time you use it.

Plus, in all honesty, as a company, they don’t look after their drivers well and i found customers dislike their service so i guess i am not the only one.

Here are the PRO’S and CONS of what i genuinely think about Uber Eats UK app.


  • The sign up process is easy
  • They pay out anytime you request it (few times per day max)
  • They pay well on bonuses 
  • Weekends are quite good sometimes


  • Driver support is non-existent
  • Basic pay rates are low
  • Jobs are rather thin on the ground
Aside from that, working with them (like many people do) it’s simply your choice but please don’t say i never warned you about them and what they are like.
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Amazon Flex UK - (not rated)

Another great little delivery app is Amazon Flex UK which if you can get onto you will earn some good money. Not that i know because out of all the delivery apps in the UK this is one of two i haven’t personally tried myself.

All i know is that you can make serious dough with them but i am just going off when i have heard from other drivers.

BEELIVERY - (not rated)

Want to become  a Beelivery driver? well i did actually download the app and try this one but found it to be rubbish so please don’t waste your time with this one.

They always send you miles for peanuts and always ask you to fund the products in advance then you have to chase for payments. Really not worth the hassle.

Final Thoughts...on being a delivery driver in the UK in 2022

So now you know what i think are the best delivery driver job apps in the UK right now, now it’s down to you to go sign up with them or do more research.

For me, having a few apps on the go makes more sense than having just one on the go and makes me more money but how many you want is totally up to you.

Perhaps may i suggest you start off with one or two then try them all and see what works best for you and your situation coz what i find shite you may like. 

Either way, good luck and i hope to hear you have started your delivery driver job and it’s helping you to pay your way through life.

Bon voyage! 

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