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Darren Protheroe | Digital Entrepreneur who hails from Wales in the UK and loves everything to do with blogging and making money with blogs.

My Personal Mission With This Wealth Blog

30 Day Money Saving Challenge: How to Save Money Faster

Hey, what’s up guys, Daz here aka Welsh finance blogger Darren Protheroe and this is my official finance blog where I share all my views on blogging, finance, side hustles, and reviews on everything that involves either making money, saving money, or managing money.

Not only will I share great useful financial information but I plan to help other bloggers out there to start a blogging biz through all the free courses that I provide on this rather helpful and purposeful blog.

I love everything about blogging and sharing anything and everything financial especially if I have personally tried and tested things myself so what you will get on this blog is a load of proven (or not so) finance-related products or services that I either love or hate. Zero bias and totally no-nonsense reviews!

So come along with me on this financial roller coaster ride where you will get to see firsthand how I make my money through my many side hustles and how you can adopt them.

Forget buying silly courses or subscribing to the latest Grant Cardone bullshit course that will teach you how to make the owners rich. 

I am just like you or at least I was in your position a few years back but I have said to myself enough is enough and I am just going to find the best side hustles.

The best thing about the side hustles that I share with you is that I have done them and they absolutely work a million percent and they do actually pay out.

Whether you don’t want to hear this or not, the British Government is out to screw you out of your money or provide you with little to be proud of so why not create your own nest eggs?

With my blog, I promise you one thing, you will learn how to make money, save money, and above all manage money in style.

That’s my manifesto and I thereby look forward to sharing every last side hustle with you!

Thanks for the support

Darren (2022)

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