7 Best Summer Jobs In Ibiza [2023]

If you want to sample the 7 best summer jobs in Ibiza in 2023 then you have come to the right place because I won’t just tell you all about them, I will also give you a few money-saving tips when you hit the island.

Ibiza is one expensive place and if you actually act like a tourist when working over there, you will soon be running for the plane and wishing you were tucked away at home in your bed.

Stuff that malarky! It’s time to list off not just the best Ibiza jobs that you should try and bag but they are the best paid and you will reap the MOST rewards from these summer jobs in Ibiza.

7 Best Summer Jobs In Ibiza

Ohhhh... You're Going To Ibizaaaaaa!

For me, making money online comes easy but when it came to making money with the best summer jobs in Ibiza it didn’t come easy at first, believe you me. In fact, it was tough at first.

Then once you settle into a new place, you soon become familiar with everyone and everything that you soon pick up 3 things when you land in Ibiza.

  • It’s fecking hotter than the UK
  • It’s got an amazingly positive vibe
  • It’s fecking expensive beyond belief
Soon as the dust is settled and after a month in and you’re in some sort of zombie state and look at your bank balance and quickly realize that your depleted funds are low as heck and you are just one step closer to homelessness you soon think “shit I need a job, pronto!” 
By that point most of your  mates have wisely chosen to go home and you’re left looking out to sea thinking either two things.
What the feck am I still doing in Ibiza broke as a joke or why haven’t I got a job yet?
Well to avoid all that shit and more, I have compiled a list of the best summer jobs in Ibiza that you can do to avoid being in that position like many people do every year.
Ibiza is paradise but it’s a very unforgiving expensive one!

7 Best Summer Jobs In Sunny Ibiza For 2023

Before I start this, just know I won’t stitch you up and share with you some of the worst jobs in Ibiza because I am not that cruel (although it can be tempting so you can share your horror stories below ).

Anyways, I best not scare you guys from going, or else I won’t get you to bag the best jobs in Ibiza in 2023 and beyond. 

So what summer jobs out in Ibiza are you looking for? is it bar jobs, hotel jobs, PR work, massage workers, etc

Do tell me in the comment section below this post and I will send you new job postings that I have sent to my inbox from many companies on the island every week.

1. PR Work

Don’t just think it’s standing outside bars all night trying to drag people inside in order for you to bag some commissions off the drinks they buy. Think more so, PR work for bigger venues or even restaurants as they tend to pay more.

You expect to earn much more money if you work in the capital of Ibiza called Ibiza Old Town as oppose to the infamous “West End” in San Antonio. 

How to find these jobs?

Check out my job board on my other post below for all the recent summer jobs postings in Ibiza.

2. Lifeguard

If you are a fully qualified lifeguard, you can expect to get paid a good wage for working for the big hotels in Ibiza this summer 2023.

For all those who don’t have a lifeguard qualification, you could try and get trained while you’re in Spain because there is a big demand for lifeguards on the island.

Typical pay ranges from 10-15 euros per hour which aren’t bad for sitting on your arse for most of the day and shouting orders at strangers from all over the world.

How can I become a qualified lifeguard?

You can find a training course online or you can look out for my job postings which I update daily on the Ibiza jobs board which i plan to turn into a separate website soon.

3. Private Taxi Driver

If you’re thinking of driving your British or European car over to Ibiza to do some airport runs or club runs. I wouldn’t bother because you will get fined big time and the Police will just throw you in jail and take your car off you. Just not worth it!

Many years ago you could have got away with being an illegal taxi driver but nowadays you will just get jailed or fined when you get caught so it’s probably worth going the legal route.

Go find one of the many PRIVATE taxi firms on the island that do hire drivers now and then and get a job as a driver providing you’re all legal and not wanted by the feds.

Salary can be sorted out and negotiated with the owner.

How do I find these sort of private taxi jobs in Ibiza?

Keep an eye out on my Ibiza jobs board on the other post or go send a CV to all the private taxi companies on the island. (Use ChatGPT to make the best CV in town and who knows?)

4. Mobile Hairdressers/ Peluquería

Just like in the UK, It’s always handy to have an hairdresser on standby and what another great way to make a living over the season which is from May to October is to be an hairdresser.

You can either work for a company over there or be self-employed and do it as a sole trader and just make money from cutting the workers’ hair. There are tons of groups on facebook who would love their own private barber or private hairdresser.

As for salary? You can set your own rates and charge whatever you want.

How to get started?

Just know your stuff and go do it. Don’t forget to make it official with the local council office in Ibiza. In order to be self-employed you will have to make things official. 

5. Boat Party Salesman

Boy in my time of being on the island, i have seen many boat parter sales guys making a right killing and all from having the gift of the gab and the balls to just be themselves.

You can make a ton of money as a boat party seller and although most of this work is commission only, there is NO limit on the money you can make from the back-end sale of tickets.

How much can you earn as a boat party ticket seller?

The sky is the limit on that one as it’s all performance-based and you must be the one who dictates your own destiny and pay packet.

Where can I find the best places looking for sellers?

Keep an eye out on my Ibiza jobs board here or try all the Facebook groups.

Alternatively, you can contact the companies direct.

best Jobs in Ibiza 2023

6. Massage Worker

Another great Ibiza side hustle is working as a massage worker for a company like Ibiza Angels or for one of the many hotels on the island which offer the best pay packets for summer workers in Ibiza.

Some may require you to be qualified because nobody is going to want some unprofessional dude to massage them only to find out that the dude is some sort of crazy psycho whose hands just happened to strangle you for fun.

You best be qualified in order to avoid such situations and to give yourself much chance of getting the job before other applicants who are less qualified than you.

Salary? Typically from 20 to 30 euros per hour and some offer ways to make more money by upselling other services.

How to find this type of work?

Try Ibiza Angels (www.IbizaAngels.com)

7. Private Chef

Now if you are a chef and you are going to Ibiza this year and looking for work, boy you are going to have much luck getting a summer job in Ibiza as a private chef.

Chefs are in high demand in Ibiza and you only have to look online to see this so if you want to work for good money and want to experience a great lifestyle then I would try get a chef job in Ibiza.

What’s the salary of a private chef in Ibiza?

Most good chefs in Ibiza earn anywhere between 50 to 100 euros per hour and some even more.

Where to find these chef jobs in Ibiza?

Just check out all the main Facebook groups or contact the main job sites like Indeed or Glassdoor.

Additionally, LinkedIn also has a great job portal for chefs. 


1. Club Promoter

If you love music and nightlife, being a club promoter in Ibiza can be the perfect summer job for you. As a club promoter, your job is to promote and sell tickets to the hottest parties in town. You’ll need to be outgoing, energetic, and able to network with people to get them excited about the events. This is a commission-based job, so the more tickets you sell, the more money you can make.

2. Bartender

Working as a bartender in Ibiza can be a fun and lucrative summer job. You’ll get to work in some of the coolest bars and clubs in town and meet new people from all over the world. Bartending experience is preferred, but not required as some employers offer training. With the right attitude and work ethic, you can earn a good amount of money in tips.

3. Photographer

If you have a talent for photography and love capturing beautiful moments, being a photographer in Ibiza can be a fun and creative summer job. You’ll get to explore the island and take stunning pictures of the beautiful beaches, sunsets, and landscapes. You can sell your photos online or work as a freelance photographer for events and weddings.

4. Yoga Instructor

If you’re passionate about yoga and love teaching others, being a yoga instructor in Ibiza can be a great summer job. You’ll get to share your love of yoga with others while enjoying the beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere of the island. You’ll need to have a yoga certification and some experience teaching, but there are plenty of opportunities for beginners to get started.

5. Scuba Diving Instructor

If you love the water and want to help others explore the beautiful underwater world of Ibiza, being a scuba diving instructor can be a great summer job for you. You’ll need to have a PADI certification, but some employers offer training for beginners. You’ll get to explore the clear waters of Ibiza and help others discover the amazing marine life beneath the surface.

7 Best Summer Jobs In Ibiza [2023]

Money Saving Tips For Best Summer In Ibiza

  1. Travel during the shoulder season: If you can, try to plan your trip to Ibiza during the shoulder season (April to May or September to October), when prices are typically lower than during peak season.

  2. Book your accommodation in advance: Booking your accommodation in advance can help you save money on hotels, apartments, or hostels. You can also consider renting a private room or apartment through platforms like Airbnb.

  3. Use public transportation: Instead of renting a car or taking taxis, use public transportation to get around the island. The bus network in Ibiza is extensive and affordable, with frequent services to the major towns and beaches.

  4. Shop at local markets: Instead of buying food and drinks from restaurants or supermarkets, head to the local markets to save money. You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products at a lower price.

  5. Explore the free attractions: Ibiza has many free attractions, such as beaches, parks, and historical sites. You can spend a day at the beach or visit the Dalt Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  6. Eat and drink like a local: Opt for local bars and restaurants that offer traditional food and drinks at a lower price than the touristy spots. You can try local dishes like seafood paella or ensalada payesa and drink Hierbas Ibicencas, a traditional liqueur made from herbs.

  7. Avoid partying in expensive clubs: Ibiza is known for its nightlife, but partying in expensive clubs can drain your wallet. Instead, look for free or low-cost events and parties, such as beach parties, live music events, or local festivals.

Extra Tips On Finding Your Way In Ibiza

How Can I Get Work in Ibiza?
If you want to work as a hostess, dancer, barmaid, or PR, you should start applying at the beginning of the season year you want to begin.

Decide where you want to work during the summer of 2023 as early as April.

O Beach Ibiza begins hiring between February and March.

A job is not guaranteed by tweeting Wayne Lineker, but you can apply online through their website.

Several Facebook groups offer a wealth of information on open positions. All can be found on my Ibiza Jobs Board post.

An “office” job is harder to obtain because the majority of openings are for temporary employees. Simply put, I was very, very lucky.

The majority of places have hiring days in April and May.

Final Thoughts On 7 Best Summer Jobs In Ibiza

In conclusion, there are many fantastic summer jobs to be found in Ibiza that offer a unique and exciting way to experience the island’s stunning scenery and vibrant culture. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, or simply seeking a change of pace, there are plenty of opportunities to earn money while enjoying everything this beautiful island has to offer.

But before you pack your bags and head to Ibiza, let’s answer some frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your summer job adventure:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What qualifications do I need for these summer jobs? The qualifications vary depending on the job. For example, to be a scuba diving instructor, you’ll need a PADI certification, while being a tour guide requires excellent communication skills and knowledge of Ibiza’s history and culture. Some jobs may offer training for beginners, so it’s worth researching the requirements for the job you’re interested in.

  2. How much can I earn with these summer jobs? The pay varies depending on the job and the employer. For example, as a club promoter or bartender, your earnings will depend on the number of tickets you sell or tips you receive. As a scuba diving instructor, you can expect to earn a higher hourly rate. Do some research and ask potential employers about their pay rates to get a better idea.

  3. Do I need to speak Spanish to work in Ibiza? While it’s not always necessary, it certainly helps. Being bilingual can open up more job opportunities and make it easier to communicate with locals and tourists. However, many employers in the tourism industry speak English, and you can get by with basic Spanish language skills.

  4. Is it safe to work in Ibiza? Like any tourist destination, it’s important to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. However, Ibiza is generally considered a safe place to work and visit. As with any travel, be sure to research the area and take necessary safety precautions.

  5. How do I find summer job opportunities in Ibiza? There are many resources available online, including job boards, social media groups, and company websites. You can also consider reaching out to local businesses directly to inquire about job opportunities.

  6. What types of accommodation are available for seasonal workers? Accommodation options for seasonal workers can vary, but many employers offer staff housing or can assist in finding affordable housing options. You can also consider sharing an apartment or villa with other seasonal workers to split costs.

  7. What should I pack for a summer job in Ibiza? Ibiza can get hot during the summer, so it’s important to pack light, breathable clothing and comfortable shoes. You’ll also want to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a refillable water bottle. If you’re working in a nightlife job, you’ll likely need to dress in club attire, so pack some dressier clothing as well.

  8. What kind of visa do I need to work in Ibiza? If you’re from a European Union country, you won’t need a visa to work in Ibiza. Non-EU citizens will need a work visa, which can be obtained through their employer or through the Spanish embassy in their home country.

  9. What kind of work hours can I expect in Ibiza? Work hours can vary depending on the job, but many summer jobs in Ibiza require working evenings and weekends to accommodate the island’s nightlife scene. Be prepared for long and sometimes irregular hours, but also remember that you’ll have plenty of free time during the day to explore the island.

  10. What is the job market like in Ibiza? Ibiza’s job market is competitive during the summer months, as many seasonal workers flock to the island to find work. It’s important to start researching and applying for jobs well in advance of the summer season to increase your chances of finding a position.

  11. Can I work multiple jobs in Ibiza? Yes, many seasonal workers in Ibiza work multiple jobs to maximize their earnings. Just be sure to check with your employers to make sure there are no conflicts in scheduling or work requirements.

  12. What kind of cultural experiences can I expect while working in Ibiza? Ibiza is known for its vibrant nightlife, but the island also offers plenty of opportunities to experience its rich history and culture. Take time to explore the island’s museums, historic sites, and local cuisine to immerse yourself in Ibiza’s unique culture.

  13. How do I balance work and leisure time in Ibiza? Balancing work and leisure time in Ibiza can be challenging, especially if you’re working long hours. It’s important to schedule time off and make the most of your free time to explore the island and recharge.

  14. What kind of skills can I gain from working a summer job in Ibiza? Working a summer job in Ibiza can help you develop a range of skills, including customer service, communication, sales, and problem-solving. You’ll also gain valuable experience working in a fast-paced, multicultural environment.

  15. What kind of support can I expect from my employer while working in Ibiza? Employers in Ibiza vary in the level of support they offer to their seasonal workers, but many offer training and assistance with housing and visa requirements. It’s important to ask potential employers about their support policies and resources before accepting a job offer.

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