7 Best Etsy Ideas For Christmas In 2022

Listed below are the 7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022 and probably every year after you see how good they are. Yes, you can thank me later if you make a killing from these ideas. Some of which are original.

7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022

The 7 Best Etsy Ideas For Christmas In 2022

So you want to make a ton of money this Christmas and you are stuck for some great Christmas ideas for Etsy I take it?

Well here are the 7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022 that will blow you away and probably have you running for the door.

Some of them were donated by my beautiful wife so credit where credit is due and without her wisdom and creative mind, we would ALL be doomed. Big love and respect to my fit wife X.

1. Advent Calendar Christmas Jumper

When I first got told this, I did think it was ridiculous but it’s a fact that most ridiculous ideas work out to be the best in the history of eCommerce and business online.

Yet when you think about it, it’s an awesome idea coz it can give so many children so much joy by allowing them to peel off the days on the countdown to Christmas.

Plus, you could have a word with Printify to see if you can work something out or basically do it yourself from your home.

This would go down a storm on Etsy and if marketing well this could bring in thousands if executed well with a grand marketing plan and a good team behind you.

7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022

2. Digital Downloads (Christmas Themed)

Now this one is a no-brainer! Especially when you just create it once, and it can bring you a passive income without you having to stock anything or post anything. 

Whether it be things such as:

  • Christmas card designs
  • Christmas posters
  • Christmas photos
  • Christmas designs (clothes)

The great thing about this method is that you can do it from anywhere and without much fuss involved. Truly is a great side hustle that everyone should try especially around Christmas.

I personally love this option and highly recommend it to anyone new starting out on Etsy just to get their feet in the door. (as they say).

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3. Personalised Santa Letters

Now I think this one is quite an easy side hustle that anyone can do and all you have to do to create the product is use canva.com or buy them from the likes of Home Bargains.

You could buy them for like £2 each and easily flip them for £3-5 each especially if you add a personal touch to every single letter or you could just make the envelopes personalized or both.

If you want to start selling these today, you need to act now as there is so much competition on Etsy so in order to make yours better, just focus on quality and use ads.

7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022

4. Create and Sell Personalised Baubels

This side hustle is great because it has low overheads and little expense and they can take you no time at all to knock up a few to sell on a great site like Etsy or even eBay.

I would start making these to order if you want to try this side hustle so at least then you won’t end up with a huge bill if things don’t work out and your swimming in the bloody things.

Try flipping them on all social media platforms and don’t forget to try your hand at Pinterest as you can attract a great audience there and who knows you could make a killing with them.

5. Create and Sell Personalised Labels For Gifts

Now for this bad boy, all you need to get started with this Etsy listing is your own creativity and some supplies from your local craft shop or maybe even try your hand at Calligraphy.

If you mark these Christmas must-haves at a very decent price without asking too much and making sure it makes you a good profit, this could prove to be well worth your time, and investment.

You could upsell these labels to other members of the family and offer free postage as a family bundle. This will definitely go down well with all the mums and dads out there.

Make sure you market this great idea via your own social pages and I believe you will have lots of orders especially if you create Nordic or Christmas type of fancy fonts that mums love.

6. Sell Christmas Themed Roses

Now as my wife makes these roses and anyone can really do it if they have the right materials from the likes of Hobby Craft and the Range.

If you perhaps put a Christmas twist on the roses and made them with Christmas-themed ribbon I think they will sell like hotcakes on Etsy if marketed to the right people.

My beautiful wife hasn’t sold any of hers and she just made them for me and the kids but if you look up how to make a rose on Youtube you should be able to find a great tutorial.

7. Make and Sell Personalised Christmas Crackers

Come on this great Christmas idea for Etsy has to work! I mean personalizing things on Etsy is a sure-fire way of making bank these days but to do so with Christmas crackers? 

We all love Christmas crackers and think it’s a traditional thing but how about putting a spin on the typical every-year cracker and perhaps it would make more financial sense to sell

  • Naughty crackers (for your enemies)
  • Nice crackers (for your lover)

I personally think that the naughty option would work better and what better way to spoil your enemy’s Christmas than to see them going mental over picking up a pile of glitter?

The decision is yours.

7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022

Final Thoughts

When coming up with these particular 7 best Etsy ideas for Christmas in 2022 sometimes it’s difficult to know if they will work when they haven’t been tried and tested. So what do you do?

You just have to see if there would be any demand for this sort of thing and after looking at Google Trends and doing some research on Etsy, i do believe there is a market for these ideas.

So it just leaves me to say that I wish you well and make sure you come back and let me know if you sacked your bank manager and became your own personal piggy bank.

Good Luck!

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