5 Christmas Side Hustles For Teens

Here are 5 Christmas Side Hustles For Teens that I would have loved to have tried when I was a teen or had the chance to make some extra money for Christmas to buy a few more gifts for my family.

5 Christmas Side Hustles For Teens

Intro (5 side hustles for teens)

Are you a teen? want to learn 5 Christmas Side Hustles For Teens? I have drafted up five of what I consider to be doable for every teen on the planet. Just have to put the work in first.

I only wish these particular side hustles were around when I was a teen but then again, I don’t think the internet was even born when I was a teen. Wishful thinking ey?

With all these side hustles, each one carries minimal work and minimal investment apart from your TIME. If you are willing to trade a shit load of your time and effort for money start now.

1. Create an Ebook on Etsy.co.uk

If you love books and writing them, why not turn them into bestsellers on Amazon’s KDP program where you will gain access to millions of book readers who love reading books?

I remember starting my first book and it did quite well till it peaked but it was such a buzz to actually see both ebook and hardback books being sold on the biggest marketplace on the web.

The only downside to selling your books on Amazon’s KDP program is PAYMENT. It takes ages at first when you first launch as everything is like 2-3months in advance so expect to wait for ages.

That is the only real downside but the rest is all good, they even have their own cover designer tool that can knock up a quick cover for you if you lack the design skills if not go to canva.com.

Find out more by joining the KDP program at Amazon here >>> JOIN HERE

2. Become a BETA Reader On Etsy.com

Love reading books? Fancy getting paid to read people’s books and get paid for your reviews? Well now you can and people everywhere are getting paid good money to be BETA READERS.

Being a BETA READER just involves two things (in order to get paid):

  • Reading a client’s own book 
  • Leaving your honest review 

That’s just it. So how easy can that be?

In terms of payment and how much you can get paid it averages between £30-100 for every 10,000 words.

Where can I sell my BETA reading services at?

I may even hire some beta readers soon for my future book projects so I urge you to join now before everyone finds out about this simple side hustle.

3. Sell Your Own Music

Quick ways to make money in 2023 with AI

Are you talented enough to sell your own music online? If so there is a huge market for music apps right now where artists don’t really need a record label to make a ton of money. 

All they need is their recorded music and time to sign up for 3 of the best music apps on the market which then automatically share their music on all the best music platforms like Spotify.

I mean you won’t be getting paid straightaway but if your music is awesome, you can get paid quickly for other things such as merch and an ebook or some other form of content.

Huge market for musicians in 2022 and beyond so go grab your bank while you can because it’s there for the taking if you ask me. The world is your oyster believe you me.

4. Create an NFT to sell (to the masses)

5 Christmas Side Hustles For Teens

Now, this is for the more CREATIVE sort. If you love crypto and know how it all works and you are an artist then may I suggest digital art and how you can turn your art into NFT art.

Go take a look at how much you can make from your own NFT creations. I mean anyone at any age can make money from this untapped market and all you need is a few things to get going.

NFTs were hugely popular in 2021 and prior to the bear market/crypto bubble burst for many players in early 2022 but I still believe you can still make a ton of money with NFTs in 2023.

All you need is an Ipad and an Ipencil and Procreate app and your imagination. Get your NFT concept down and make 10k of them and all you gotta do is get them sold.

Did you hear about that 9 year old kid from London who generated over £290k from the sale of his NFT whales? Go look it up here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-58343062

5. Start a TikTok account

Wow! I think this one is an awesome side hustle for teens here in the UK or elsewhere for that matter. Providing you are of course over the age limit and you have a great idea to share.

If you love making money online then this one is a great side hustle because you can get paid in a few ways once you hit 1000 followers, you can go live and have viewers gift you lots.

So here are some great ideas for your channel (if you are running short of ideas):

  • Sharing side hustle ideas
  • Making a follow me vs follow you
  • Creating a psychic channel
  • Selling a particular merchandise 
  • Singing for gifts 
  • Mental health messages

Once you get used to going live, you will become a guru at it and love doing it. Please come back here to share your success story with me. Good luck guys!

Final Thoughts...

There you go! Yet another bunch of realistic and very doable side hustles for almost any keen teenager who wants to make a few extra bucks in time for Christmas without going broke.

I have a teenage boy myself and I have shown these same 5 Christmas Side Hustles For Teens to him and even he said he can do most of these with his eyes closed. Hmm.

I hope you watch this and think I can do that and if it changes one person’s life I will be one happy blogger indeed. So do let us know in the comment section if it’s changed your life. 

Good Luck!

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